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N E O g r o t e s q u e
09 December 2010 @ 06:33 pm
Hullo ~
Jrock fans tell your friends >w<

clicky above ^^^^^
looks sooooo fucking awesome

N E O g r o t e s q u e
11 October 2010 @ 10:56 pm
OMG i remember my password XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

N E O g r o t e s q u e
I'm as black as hell >________<

One overnight boat trip, several beach trips and today at Jervis Bay. The water was reeeeally pretty at Murray Beach. So clean. No shit.

I will be doing Studies in Painting and French this semester. YAY! My timetable is a shocker I tell you. Oooh, I might be working in Starbucks again to kill time. Have an interview today at the Haymarket store.

And umm.. that's about it.

P.S Any plans to Japan have been postponed AGAIN. ~______~ I'll go in (their) autumn/winter. I'm really dying to get my hands on a Yamato Yuga photobook though....

P.P.S Crap.. is it P.S.S? I forgot. How many times have I done this? DX I've folded a total of 500 paper cranes. My little cousins folded 100. We're almost there!!! >DDDD
Current Music: té - 何らの苦しみにもあわずして、何人をも幸福とは『呼』ぶなかれ。
N E O g r o t e s q u e
14 June 2009 @ 01:13 pm
echostream is an oh so lovely band. Quite different from anything else I've put up so far. They're best described as ambient, electronica and just the kind of lounge music you would smoke to on a dark and lonely night. Fufufufu. . Ryoko's voice is very airy and it suits the music very well. She sings entirely in english and their music is really good to listen to if you're in the mood for something mellow.

I would recommend trying Just Kill Me and Burning Sky. Those two are by far their best songs. I picked them up at rotation site a few years ago and loved it. echostream seems to only have two albums. The other one I can't get my hands on cause they seem to be such an obscure band >__________< Anways here's like.. most of the songs on their Identity album.

echostream - Just Kill Me
echostream - Burning Sky
echostream - Creep (Radiohead cover)
echostream - One Last Cigarette
echostream - Shadow on the Ground
Current Music: echostream - Just Kill me
N E O g r o t e s q u e
09 June 2009 @ 12:32 pm
♪♪ I don't care. I don't mind. Giraffes' eyes are watching me.
I don't care. I don't mind. Giraffes are so far away.
I don't care. I don't mind. It's happening all the time.

gotta love the lyrics... XDDDD

OMG... I want a bass guitar. Just for the sake of hugging one to sleep. So damn sexy. >___< Tissue princess. Straightener's Hinata. I want them all. Correction. I want a bass guitarist to hug to sleep.

Um.. I suck at describing. T____T Apogee is quite a soft band. Softer than any of the bands I've introed before. But they have awesome deep bass lines and a lot of funk. I think the vocals stands out the most. The first time I had heard Just A Seeker's Song I had trouble telling if it was a guy or girl singing. But argh.. well I love it. ;-; He sings like a woman, but he sounds so soft and fluffy against your ear. There tends to be a bit of english in the chorus, but it's actually not engrish... headdesk engrish. Surprisingly he can sing it quite well. Just not sure if it actually makes sense. xDD

My two favorite songs are Just A Seeker's Song and Yakan Hikou, but they're actually quite.. different from their usual sound. A little more mainstream maybe. Still they're something I'd put in a playlist if I was to go driving. That is.. if I had a car. That is.. if I had a license. That is.. if I bother to go to the closest RTA office.

Apogee - Just a Seeker's Song
Apogee - Yakan Hikou
Apogee - GIRAFFE
Apogee - Ghost Song
Apogee - ahiru

anywwwwwwwwwwwwwho. I'M SO SCREWED FOR EXAMS!!!!! GAAAAAAAWWW.
12th Friday -- Audit (55%)
15th Monday -- Accounting 3a (60%)
18th Friday -- Business Taxation (40%)

It would be okay if I was actually up to date, but I'm still catching up on my readings. And I haven't been to a lecture since week 5. >_______________________________>;; I really do hope I pass this semester. I mean.. ;-; I've been fluking it so far. But if I do fail I might lose my job offer. I dunno how this grad offer works. But I'm scared shitless. Probably not scared enough to stress just yet though. Maybe I am. I can kind of feeling it steadily rising, like vomit rising in your throat. ( ̄_ ̄)

I bought a wacom intuos 3~!!! Last week actually. 6x8 They sell it with a student discount at the uni bookstore so it pretty much costs what a 4x6 would cost outside. Ahem. It hasn't been opened yet but I'm going to deflower it like a mad and angry rapist once these exams are over. Just you watch.
Current Music: Apogee - GIRAFFE
N E O g r o t e s q u e
08 May 2009 @ 01:09 am
Whoop. Here we go again. >w< I'm so excited~ I found someone I can fangirl with about the same music. Haven't found anybody like that in the loooongest time. We've arranged to swap some music so I'm compiling a CD. Gahahaha. All of this is so great~ ;-;

So here is school food punishment. Soooo awesome xD;; They're indie, electronic with a female vocalist. Quite jpop but super catchy. I'd recommend You May Crawl. It won me over the first time I heard it and considering that was their first release, it's pretty impressive. So impressive I spelt it the first time with three 'S's ~___~ pool is my fave ~ But they're all pretty good and the album art looks psychedelic.

school food punishment - You May Crawl
school food punishment - feedback
school food punishment - close, down, back to
school food punishment - pool
Current Music: school food punishment - feedback
N E O g r o t e s q u e
27 April 2009 @ 12:20 pm
~~~ヾ(^∇^) Hullo, hullo ~ I'm stressed with exams/assessments

But here's what I've been listening to lately. I'm currently obsessing over this particular song. It's sooooo good. GAAAAAAAAAH ;______; <3333333333333333 I'm liking the male and female vocal combination. I think they sound similar to Veltpunch except these guys are a little catchier. I'm not allowed to upload winnie stuff but you can try getting them at some_day_music ^___^

And I'm wondering if they used the same girl from Veltpunch's DIC954. I swear it is.. Compare compare. They're both awesome. xD

Current Music: winnie - starlike stereo
N E O g r o t e s q u e
25 April 2009 @ 12:25 am
~~~ヾ(^∇^) Uploads again. Feeling emo? Cry yourself to sleep? Do you think life is unfair? Then this music is for you!!!

Okay. I only joke. ~__~ Here is downy (ダウニ)

These guys are basically experimental and uh.... creepy. According to last.fm they're also 'sludge' and 'shoegaze'. Haha. I think it describes them perfectly actually. If you listen to a few of their songs I guess you would understand what the tag means. I also read somewhere that the vocalist, Robin Aoki (what a cool name) is half Japanese and half Indian.. which I think is an awesome mix. XDD His voice is very much faded, girly and creepy like Anthony Green.. maybe.

They're not screamo mind you. Quite melodic imo. Mokuren sounds like the music in Phoenix Wright.. like you know when something dramatic has happened. Haha. Underground is my favorite. So trippy maaaaan~

downy - Jyojyoufu (sp?)
downy - Anarchy Dance
downy - Mokuren
downy - Zen
downy - Tsuki
downy - Underground
Current Music: downy - Jyojyoufu
N E O g r o t e s q u e
20 April 2009 @ 02:00 pm
~~~ヾ(^∇^) Something else to try..... me-al art/ ミールアート

ミールアート - wasurenagusa
ミールアート - yume ni saku hana
ミールアート - kyoumei
ミールアート - term
ミールアート - exist

exist the album and song is kick ass xDD These guys are indie rock and um.. what can I say. ~___~ I usually don't like female vocals but I seem to like this band. She sounds a bit like ayaka but in an Avril Lavigne way. I kinda wish they were just a teeensy bit more heavier. Gosh when she sings she makes having long hair look so awesome.

Um yes.. I'm procrastinating ._____.
Current Music: me-al art - exist
N E O g r o t e s q u e
06 April 2009 @ 08:36 pm
. . . wat?